Assessment tools help measure performance to develop employees

Assessment tools help measure performance to develop employees

No technology can replace a good dialogue. The way companies look at the people and their professional development methods management area should cherish the employee motivation and not look exclusively to numbers and results tables. In this regard, the assessment tools should be supportive, and not as the only measure for the development of employees.

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More than potential growth numbers and evaluation of goals achieved notes, each professional has a goal in life he should go at the pace of the company’s needs. “The main challenge is knowing what motivates each person. Only talking to each knowing his life story and understanding whatever of the future is possible to know what drives that professional, “said Paul Naliato, executive superintendent of HR Santander.

“I do not think there is right or wrong tool, but one that works in the environment we are in, from what the company values ​​and what motivates the team,” he says, who attended the open committee of Personnel Management of Amcham- São Paulo on Friday (21/09). “Tools should only be used to generate benefits.”

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The debate revolved around the use of performance measurement tools to guide the evolution of workers. The highlight of the dialogue is purposeful, despite the product, software and other equipment: in the end, the tool is there to allow workers to be heard.

“The tool has the great benefit help managers make more organized way to analysis and structured so that it can maintain the history of every living officer, regardless of output managers or change the professional a team,” says Naliato. “Keep these historic and use them intelligently means feeding them with the data of all performance appraisal processes. Ultimately serves to hear professionals forever. ”

Personal questions

The word feedback often bring a certain fear to most professionals. But is improved way to know if they are meeting the company’s goals. “Every business needs goals. Who manages people have to clearly have business goals and development, “said Ruiz Mardely, HR director for IBM Latin America.


The company uses a system called personal commitment to the business (free translation for personal business Comitment, or PBC). “That’s the only tool used by all employees of the company and serves to assess the income from the evaluation of peers and superiors,” explains Mardely, which brought some cases technologies that IBM applies to measure performance and engage their teams.

The evaluation has several parameters and, briefly, what each employee has set out to do throughout the year and it was delivered this result. It is the consolidation of professional behaviors and outcomes. A goal based on these two factors is set between the employee and his team, and semi-annual periodic reviews allow rearrange the results and the strategies adopted.


The performance, which is the major focus of the program, gives grades 1-4, and the slightest sign of greater success in the result. The executive explains that the “Top 1”, ie, those who add more notes 1, usually identified as talents and receive greater attention on the opportunities of the company. This does not mean that there are unequal opportunities – on the contrary, everyone has chance to grow, she says. “Everyone has to be available forever to develop.”

“The ideal is to have the right job for the right person in the right place,” she adds. In other words, the accurate and efficient performance of certain team helps you select the team to new challenges. “It’s a good tool to organize the population of the company, 400,000 employees worldwide, and identify the largest potential performance. That’s because the talents do not expect. It is we who have to get them. ”

Attract and retain

At Santander, Naliato says the ultimate goal of the human resources area is to clearly highlight the attractions for potential candidates and attract the right talent.”When it comes to performance management, the tool must be the least interfere,” he said.

His shows that most important message is to motivate teams to measure their merits and make the executive areas see themselves what metrics are aimed at improved business performance as a whole. “You have to target each individual to achieve the bank’s goals and give meaning to each individual goal, to connect them with your manager and area vice president.”

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This vision of sharing part of the incentive to high performance, the meritocratic recognition and openness to employee development. “There’s a recovery plan for those who stay below the expected performance, receiving close monitoring to improve.”

At that stage, he says, many professionals reveal problems outside the workplace that end up directly affecting productivity. “The employee development is always the greatest benefit.”

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Performance evaluation – What it is and how it works

Performance evaluation – What it is and how it works

The best way to demonstrate that the manager has his eye on the work of its staff, valuing their decisions, methods, technical knowledge etc., is through the close monitoring of the activities performed. And the most effective way to demonstrate this is through monitoring the Performance Evaluation developer. Through it is possible to identify several points that need improvement within an organization.

What is  Performance Appraisal?

The performance evaluation is a management tool for people who aims to analyze the individual performance or a group of employees in a given company. It is a process of identification and diagnosis of an employee behavior analysis over a certain period of time, analyzing their professional behavior, their expertise, their relationship with business partners etc.


This method aims to analyze the best practices of employees, providing a professional and personal growth, seeking a better performance of their duties in the workplace. Moreover, it is an important support tool for management of human resources of the company, feeding it with information that helps decision making on subsidy practices, wage increases, layoffs, training needs etc.

According to Wagner Siqueira, the process of performance evaluation  of an employee includes, among others, the desired expectations and actual results. It is divided into a few steps:

  • Daily appreciation of the employee’s behavior, their progress and limitations, successes and failures, with permanent offering instant feedback;
  • Identifying and immediately addressing emerging problems, searching continuously maintain a high standard of motivation and achievement of results;
  • Periodic formal interviews performance evaluation, where the evaluator and evaluated analyze the results in the period considered and redefine new guidelines, reciprocal commitments and corrective actions, if any.
In this process, the manager needs to assess the weaknesses and limitations of employees in order to identify areas for improvement, training needs or even relocation of the individual to other functions that could yield better. Always seeking to balance the goals set by the company with the behavior of its employees in order to keep the system working in harmony, always reaching the goals set.
Thus, the performance evaluation of the main role is to identify and work systemically performance differences between the many employees of the organization. Having always focused on the constant interaction between evaluator and evaluated.

Performance evaluation forms

There are several systems and / or methods to evaluate the performance of an employee within a company. Varying according to the need of the manager, the sector and the objectives of the evaluation as well as the profile of the evaluated and the dynamics of observation used. Listed below are the most traditional valuation methods, which we’ll discuss at another time, in other posts on the subject. Are they:

  • Graphic scales classification;
  • Choose and forced distribution;
  • Field research;
  • Critical incidents;
  • Pair comparison;
  • Self-evaluation;
  • Performance report;
  • Evaluation results;
  • Goals for evaluation;
  • Performance standards;
  • Descriptive phrases;
  • 360 degree evaluation;
  • Skills assessment;
  • Skills assessment and results;
  • Potential assessment;
  • Balanced Scorecard.

Performance evaluation of benefits

Through the performance evaluation is possible to identify new talent within the organization, through behavior analysis and qualities of each individual. Thus generating new possibilities for internal relocation of employees. In addition to offering bonuses and awards to employees who excel more in the evaluation.

Another advantage is the possibility to generate a feedback easier to staff and managers analyzed, since that results relevant information, and solid for efficient tangible result. This feedback makes the evaluated want to invest further in their development, improving performance and bringing advantages for the company.

This method is also important to eliminate speculations and guesses when evaluating an employee. It is a means of getting real information and to closely evaluate the implications of a possible change in the management of human resources of the company.

So keep this type of evaluation can bring many benefits and positive changes in people management in an organization, whatever its size. With it the manager can better evaluate their subordinates, improve the working environment, invest in training their peers, improve productivity, develop compensation methods, make them work more efficiently etc.Everyone wins when a team is assessed satisfactorily by managers.

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PDF Tools Review September

PDF Tools Review  September

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PDF Tools Review September 2015

PDF Tools Review September 2015

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On this page Reveal Huawei 3g Usb Modem World wide web With Router

On this page Reveal Huawei 3g Usb Modem World wide web With Router

Huawei 3g Usb Modem

Huawei E160 Modem

Huawei E160 3g Modem HSDPA UMTS USB 3rd generation Wireless network

Traveling together with good friends and need to share the net using them? Utilizing a 3rd generation Usb 2. 0 modem offers you the benefit for being online on a trip or being from your usual Connection to the internet. So How about when there are many computers to get in touch with all the Internet? On this page we will highlight how to make other pcs an excellent Internet access by using a 3G usb 2 . 0 modem along with a wireless network router (for no charge aside from the internet payment you utilize for starters Computer.

The USB modem’s connection can be shared with other devices by using a wireless router. Utilize a wireless router to build a nearby region network for in close proximity Wi-Fi-capable computers and also other products. It is possible to adhere to the steps:

1. Hook up your 3G Usb 2 . 0allowed router to energy. Place a single end of the power supply to the device’s “Potential” or “ACslot.

Then insert the other conclusion of your power source in to a nearby electrical outlet. And connect your modem to an accessible Usb 2 . 0 slot around the wireless network router utilizing a USB cable TV.

2. Open up your personal computer or any other Wi-Fi-allowed device’s “Perspective Wi-Fi Networksoption. That shows a listing of readily available wireless systems. Go through the network connection or Wi-Fi icon in your Microsoft windows Explorer taskbar’s notification area or Finder food selection bar respectively.

4. Select the Wi-Fi___33 group referred to as after your wireless router’s model. And it links your computer or Wi-Fi-empowered gadget to your recently set up system. Just repeat the above steps if there are other computers or Wi-Fi-enabled devices you wish to connect to the 3G USB modem’s wireless signal.


If necessary, enter the network’s password. Next, you will be connected to your wireless 3G modem’s Wi-Fi signal through the wireless router. You could possibly then conduct on the internet capabilities from the linked product, like searching the net or moving data files and details.

One of many significant issues to ensure the quality of the bond would be to select appropriate 3G usb modem and Wi-Fi router. On this page Huawei E160 3rd generation Modem is required. It might connect with Wi-Fi whenever you want and it’s also quick. It can handle the SIM credit card from a lot of sites for example: GSM Quad band / HSDPA / 3rd generation / Advantage / GPRS. With all the tiny light and size weight, you can have this Wi-Fi___33 USB modem anywhere. It offers a great download and uploads velocity. Additionally, it may use as being a normal Universal serial bus whenever you put a micros cards which offered for you around 4 Gigabyte.

Huawei E160 HSDPA UMTS USB 3G Wife Modem TF Greeting card Slot

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